Let's Explore Our World!

Core Knowledge

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The Core Knowledge History and Geography (CKHG) Kindergarten unit Let’s Explore Our World! begins the CKHG series with a broad overview of our planet, and many of the ways we have to explore it. Students start with their own physical location in this world, and expand from their neighborhood to their city, and eventually to the continent on which they live. In order to understand where they are on the planet, students are taught about maps and how to use them, from two dimensional maps of their city or state, to the globe.

Throughout the unit’s nine chapters, students explore the continents, with eye-catching pictures of the landscapes, wildlife, and people of each one. They see the pandas of China; children celebrating Holi, the festival of color in India; the Yanomami of the Amazon Rainforest; and penguins in Antarctica among many other familiar and unfamiliar scenes from the diverse landforms, lifeforms, and lives on our planet.

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