Teacher's Guide for: Juneteenth Jamboree

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It’s a fine day in June. Cassandra’s family has just moved from the city back to her parents’ hometown in Texas. Cassandra likes her new house, and her new school is okay, but Texas doesn’t quite feel like home yet. Cassandra wonders what summer in this new place will hold.

Before Reading
Prereading Focus Questions
Before reading the book, you may wish to have students discuss one or more of the following questions as a motivation for reading.

  1. Why do people hold celebrations? What kinds of moments or events do you think are worth celebrating?
  2. Do you have a favorite holiday? Which one is it and why? What special things does your family do for that holiday? What special foods do you have to eat?
  3. Have you ever moved? How did you feel when you first started living in your new neighborhood? What made you feel at home?
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