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60-Second Civics is a daily podcast that provides a quick and convenient way for listeners to learn about the U.S. government, the Constitution, and American history. 

Produced by the Center for Civic Education, 60-Second Civics explores themes related to civics and government and the constitutional issues behind the headlines. The podcast's content is primarily derived from the Center’s education for democracy curricula, including We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution, Foundations of Democracy, and Elements of Democracy.

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Antigone, Part 1
60-Second Civics 
What does the tragedy of Antigone have to do with the study of government? Find out in this podcast from 60 Second Civics.
Powers of Congress: Impeachment
Use this audio lesson from 60-Second Civics to teach students about the impeachment powers of Congress (How Congress functions: Part 30). 60-Second...
What is a constitution?
  • Multiple Subjects
  • MS, HS
This podcast from 60 Second Civics asks, "What is a constitution? Do all countries have them? Do they have to be written down?"
Checks and balances.
Rights after independence, Part 14: Checks and balances. In this podcast from 60 Second Civics we discuss checks and balances.
Constitutionalism: Limited Government
Check out this podcast from 60-Second Civics to help teach your students about constitutionalism and the difference between unlimited and limited...
Episode 1455: Part 5: Voluntary associations
  • Multiple Subjects
  • MS, HS
Today we explain why people in the United States participate in voluntary associations. This episode originally aired in October 2011.
Civil Rights: Segregation in the 1950s
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens
  • MS, HS
Civil Rights, Part 6: On this 60-Second Civics episode we examine segregation in the 1950s. This episode originally aired in November 2011. 60-Second...
Civil Rights: State resistance to desegregation
  • Multiple Subjects
  • MS, HS
Civil Rights Part 7: State resistance to desegregation. In this 60 Second Civics we discuss backlash against desegregation in the South. This episode...
Civil Rights: Resisting Jim Crow
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens
  • MS, HS
Civil Rights, Part 8: Resisting Jim Crow. On this episode of 60 Second Civics we discuss Jim Crow laws and the ways African Americans organized to...
Civil Rights: Nonviolent direct action.
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens
  • MS, HS
Civil Rights, Part 9: Nonviolent direct action. On this 60 Second Civics podcast we learn about the NAACP and other civil rights organizations and...