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Action for Healthy Kids ® is a nationwide grassroots network supporting school-based healthy eating and physical activity improvements that increase academic success. With funding opportunities, expert technical assistance and our flagship program, Game On, we mobilize schools, administrators and parents to develop healthy school environments for children.

To learn more about the ways Action for Healthy Kids' 90,000+ volunteer network is helping to make Every Kid Healthy™, visit our website here.

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Healthy & Active Classroom Parties
From birthday to holiday parties throughout the school year, children and teachers have numerous reasons to celebrate. Swap out the traditional party...
Healthy & Active Non-Food Rewards
Kids are often offered food, beverages and candy as rewards for accomplishments or “good” behavior. It is important for families, schools, and...
Rethink Your Drink
Do you know how much sugar is in your drink? Let's find out! The Rethink Your Drink campaign is a great way to teach students about the amount of...
Understanding Nutrition Facts Labels
Nutrition Facts labels can be difficult to read and confusing for all ages. Many times, reading a nutrition label can create more questions than...
Active Learning Opportunities
It's time to start moving the problem! Get your students moving during academic time. Study after study shows kids who get regular physical activity...
Songs and Stories with Movements
Movement can be incorporated into almost any part of a student's day. In this challenge, add motions to songs you already sing in the classroom or...
Nutrition Education
Why is broccoli good for me? Why should I eat three servings of dairy every day? You've probably heard these questions before. Kids are curious and...
Brain Breaks, Instant Recess and Energizers
Movement increases brain function. It's as simple as that. Using physical activity challenges in the classroom helps children get ready to learn and...