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The Albert Shanker Institute is a nonprofit organization established in 1998 to honor the life and legacy of the late president of the American Federation of Teachers. The organization’s by-laws commit it to four fundamental principles—vibrant democracy, quality public education, a voice for working people in decisions affecting their jobs and their lives, and free and open debate about all of these issues. The institute brings together influential leaders and thinkers from business, labor, government, and education from across the political spectrum. It sponsors research, promotes discussions, and seeks new and workable approaches to the issues that will shape the future of democracy, education, and unionism.

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March on Washington: Comparison of Strategies
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • High School
Whose strategy for advancing the African-American freedom struggle -- that of Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. DuBois, Marcus Garvey or A. Philip...
March on Washington: I Have a Dream Speech
How did Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech as the 1963 March on Washington differ from the one he had prepared? Why did he change his...
happy couple
Addressing the State of Comprehensive Sex Education in the United States College is too late to expose students to facts about their own anatomy or...
Exploring Social Identity Formation in the Classroom According to a recent NPR article , the “majority of parents” do not talk to their children...
empty classroom coronavirus school closures
Coronavirus Response : The Role of Education Americans are doing their best to cope with coronavirus and the disruption and healthcare emergency it...
By Peter Levine My wife and I have each spent many hours teaching by video this spring. While sitting in the same house, I meet online with college...
By José Luis Vilson On most mornings, I tweet a good morning message intended to share my intentions for the day and the work ahead of me. People...
March on Washington: Economics
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Middle School
Common Core
Why did the organizers of the 1963 March on Washington demand jobs as well as freedom for African-Americans? Students will be able to: using data...
March on Washington: March Logistics
Common Core
What would be required to organize a March on Washington today, 50 years after the 1963 March on Washington? Written by Sean Blanks
March on Washington Lesson Plan: Bayard Rustin
Common Core
Why has Bayard Rustin, the main organizer of the 1963 March on Washington and an important leader in the civil rights movement, been hidden from...