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The Aspen Institute Education and Society Program (Aspen Education) improves public education by inspiring, informing and influencing education leaders across policy and practice, with an emphasis on achieving equity for traditionally under-served students. Aspen Education supports leaders at all levels – from networks of urban superintendents and their teams, to state chiefs and their cabinets, to elected officials and their staffers. By providing venues for authentic learning and honest dialogue, and producing a range of resources and tools, Aspen Education assists education leaders in building, implementing, and continuously improving policy and practice. Our engagement with the practical challenges of advancing education reform enables us to inform and shape education reform well beyond the sites with which we have direct involvement. The networks serve as R&D sites for our tool development as well as policy development, enabling us to serve the field in more far-reaching ways.

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Leading from the Front of the Classroom: A Roadmap
  • English Language Arts
  • Middle School
Teacher leadership is emerging as a key strategy to increase retention of effective teachers and distribute responsibility for improving instruction...
Aspen Institute 
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens
  • High School
Upstanders is a Starbucks original collection of short stories, films and podcasts sharing the experiences of Upstanders – ordinary people doing...
Preparing Students to Lead a Sustainable World via Climate Education
  • Science
  • Pre-K, K-2, 3-5, MS, HS
Join Laura Schifter with K12 Climate Action at the Aspen Institute in conversation with leading experts Frank Niepold with NOAA and the Climate...