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Real Fake News: Exploring Actual  Examples of Newspaper Bias
  • Multiple Subjects
  • High School
This lesson will help students build a more informed understanding of "fake news" by examining real cases of biased or false reporting and the...
Resources for Educators During the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Classroom Management
  • Pre-K, K-2, 3-5, MS, HS, PD
Get free tips and tools to support school closures and transitions to online and at-home learning with these resources for educators. You're already...
Help Students Think Critically About "October Surprises" and Their Impact on Elections
  • English Language Arts
  • MS, HS
While most students aren't old enough to vote yet, it's still important for them to recognize and analyze news events leading up to elections. One...
Are Deepfake Videos a Threat to Democracy?
  • English Language Arts
  • MS, HS
Every day, teens engage with countless images and videos that have been edited or digitally altered. From simple Snapchat filters to short,...
Are Phones and Social Media a Distraction in Museums and Galleries?
  • Digital Literacy and Computer Science
  • MS, HS
We tend to think of museums and art galleries as places of quiet contemplation and reflection, but that's not always the case -- especially now that...
Discuss with Your Students How the News Covers Mass Violence
  • English Language Arts
  • High School
Mass violence -- including school shootings -- has been happening with disturbing frequency, and with each incident comes around-the-clock news and...
How Netflix Thumbnails Keep You Watching
  • Arts
  • MS, HS
For a long time, Netflix has used clever tricks to engage viewers and keep them on the platform, watching show after show. One way they do this is...
How to Use the Vaping and Juuling Trend to Teach Media Literacy
  • English Language Arts
  • MS, HS
It's estimated that 3 million students vape, and many use one e-cigarette or vaping product in particular: Juul. Advertisements made Juul seem like a...
Is Breaking News Broken on Social Media?
  • Social Studies
  • MS, HS
Anyone -- from accredited journalists, citizen journalists, or even just a regular person on the street with a smartphone -- can shed light on...
Use the #TakeAKnee Protest to Explore the Legacy of Black Athletes and Activism
  • US History
  • High School
During the 2016 NFL season, Colin Kaepernick (at the time a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers) kneeled during the national anthem to protest...