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Folger Shakespeare Library

Folger Shakespeare Library

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Complex texts have something to say to everyone, and everyone has something to say back to complex texts. The Folger Shakespeare Library is an international center for learning, teaching, scholarship, and performance.

Home to the world’s largest Shakespeare collection and major collections of books, manuscripts, and works of art, the Folger is the ultimate resource for studying Shakespeare’s words and world. But the Folger is more than just Shakespeare: we offer a highly engaging, rigorous, and effective roadmap for grappling with any complex text. The Folger Method is an engine for educational equity that enables all students to own—and enjoy—the process of reading closely, interacting with the real thing, interrogating texts, collaborating with peers, and creating meaning. Among the 8 foundational principles of the Folger Method: “Give up Shakespeare worship” (#4) and “Amplify the voice of every single student” (#7). Explore our resources to learn more about these principles and the classroom practices they inspire. Over and over again, teachers call this way of teaching and learning “transformative.” Teachers do the most important work on earth, and we are honored to be your partners and champions. More at