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FuseSchool is a global education initiative created by leading Social Learning organisation Fuse Universal. We are on a mission to provide top quality education to millions of learners who need it the most - so that they can improve their lives and communities.

Our specialist teachers and talented animators from across the globe co-created a complete library of secondary education videos for students and teachers - in Science, Maths, EFL and ICT. All of this is free to the world as Open Educational Resources under a Creative Commons License. These resources are not only available on YouTube EDU (https://www.youtube.com/fuseschool), but also on our Open Platform 'Fuse School'. Visit www.FuseSchool.org for a free, personalised learning and teaching experience. If your fire burns for education as a human right, email us at [email protected] and join our movement to make education accessible to everyone around the world.

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Parts of an Atom - Properties of Matter
Unlock what makes up an Atom - it is important to know what the "parts of an atom" are - and it's really easy to understand. Find out more in our...
SMART Board tutorials for teachers - ICT in class
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Pre-K, K-2, 3-5, MS, HS
In this playlist you will find amazing SMART Interactive Whiteboard tutorials for teachers. Learn basic functions as well as gain more advanced...
What is adaptation? - Ecology and Environment
  • Ecology
  • Middle School
Explains the term "adaption" with some interesting examples! You can find our whole course: "Adapting and Living Together" on http://www.youtube.com/...
Adapting & living together - Ecology & Environment
Learn about how organisms adapt to their habitats. "Adapting and Living Together" within the Ecology and Environment topic of the Virtual School GCSE...
Darwin's Evolution Theory (fun Music Video)
  • Multiple Subjects
  • MS, HS
Learn about Darwin's theory of Evolution... to the tune of the Beatles' "Revolution." Make sure to activate the subtitles! Want to learn more about...
Mole Day - Music Video from 'the Virtual School'
As we celebrate Mole Day on October 23, The Virtual School brings you a Mole Day music video to the tune of Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse of the...
Course: Ecology & Environment - The Virtual School
  • Multiple Subjects
  • MS, HS
A whole course of Biology videos about Ecology & Environment by the Virtual School. Click on the "Playlist" link at the bottom of the video...
The Atom (Poem) - Properties of Matter - Chemistry
This is an inspirational poem about the Atom and why learning about it 'matters'. This video might just give your learners the little extra nudge to...
Adaptations of Plants and Extremophiles - Ecology
A great resource about "plant adaptation". You'll find out about the adaptation of plants and extremophiles! You can find our whole course: "Adapting...
Mutualism - Ecological Relationships
Let's learn about MUTUALISMS! You can find our hole course: "Adapting and Living Together" on [ http://youtube.com/course?list=EC9262CF2DC192E090] ...