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I-ACT (Identity Affirming Classroom Team)

I-ACT (Identity Affirming Classroom Team)

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Vision and Mission of the Identity Affirming Classroom Team (I-ACT)

I-ACT believes an equitable learning community must engage and nurture authentic, inclusive relationships that cultivate student identity, affirm the whole person, and shape supportive policies and practices.

The mission of I-ACT is to empower educators, students, and the greater community to:

  • Learn how to recognize and challenge barriers to affirming and embracing multiple identities.
  • Disrupt systems and policies that perpetuate the fear of being authentic; and
  • Develop and sustain a culture that fosters identity growth, purpose, and agency.

I-ACT Members

  • Monique Boone—AFT Texas
  • Melanie Hobbs—AFT, I-ACT Coordinator
  • Leander Houston-Enjady—Orange County (Fla.) Classroom Teachers Association
  • Kiesha E. Lamb—Equity Consultant, Massachusetts
  • Audra McPhillips—West Warwick (R.I.) Teachers Alliance
  • Omar Salem—Illinois Federation of Teachers
  • Vanessa Valenzuela—ABC Unified School District, California