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The Joy 2 Learn Foundation’s mission is to improve public education by creating high-quality arts content featuring world renowned artists. Each ePresentation is comprised of video clips of a world renowned artist, who introduces his or her art form, discusses its history, background and specificity, presents personal insights, and performs or demonstrates. The content was designed for use in the arts, but they can also be applied to reinforce reading and writing skills, social studies, math and science. Each ePresentation is accompanied by extensive teacher material including lesson plans, which are designed to support state curriculum standards. Recent partnerships include the Kennedy Center and their ArtsEdge website and Lesley University, which offers a course for K-12 teachers on integrating the arts and creativity into classrooms based on the Joy2Learn presentations. A new presentation featuring Frank Gehry on Architecture will be available soon!

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Explore Characters & Costumes (Cyrano de Bergerac)
  • Drama
  • 3-5, MS, HS
In this lesson, students will learn to:<br /> • Write original work drawn from or inspired by a variety of source material, including...
Interdisciplinary Connections (Elizabeth Murray)
  • Visual Arts
  • High School
This unit will be designed for a curriculum design course (or workshop) for art education students at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. The...
Creating a Soliloquy (Hamlet)
  • Drama
  • High School
What is a soliloquy? Students will be able to define and understand the uses of the soliloquy by dramatists. They will also be able to create their...
A Statistical Analysis of Dancing (Gregory Hines)
How can one measure change mathematically? What would it take to justify that change had occurred, or that two processes or acts are different? Could...
Creative Expression in Theater (Antigone)
  • Drama
  • High School
Students will learn to analyze works of art by looking for specific historical connections and universal human themes. Students will also learn how...
Instrument Experimentation (Jazz and Respiration)
Students will connect the respiratory cycle to all the ways they use their breath. As an example, they will watch videos of jazz trumpeter Wynton...
Designing and Building a Musical Instrument
The overarching goal of the unit is for students to engage in the creative process through exploration, design and construction. Students will create...
Making Connections Through Theater
  • Arts
  • High School
Students will: <br /> • Reflect on and discuss theater’s connection to their own lives through examining the themes and lessons of the play...
Jazz Instruments' Role in History
Ask students to list all the instruments they have heard in jazz. If students do not know what jazz is, ask them to make a general list of the...
Connecting Characters to Visual Art (Othello)
  • Visual Arts
  • 3-5, MS, HS
Students will: Reflect on and discuss theater’s connection to their own lives through examining the themes and lessons of the play. Examine issues of...