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Founded in 2006, PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, actively leads social change, so that bullying is no longer considered an accepted childhood rite of passage. The PACER Center provides innovative resources for students, parents, educators, and others, and recognizes bullying as a serious community issue that impacts education, physical and emotional health, and the safety and well-being of students.

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PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center offers resources for students, parents, schools, and communities to address bullying. Engagement begins with its three innovative websites, all created to target a specific audience:

These websites provide information about bullying at school, in communities, and online and support to those who experience bullying. The sites include classroom toolkits and activities, videos, personal stories, statistics, and resources to raise awareness of this important issue, and feature a pledge kids and teens can take to be together against bullying.

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Peer Advocacy Guide
Pacer Center 
  • Multiple Subjects
  • Pre-K, K-2, 3-5, MS, HS
How to address bullying of students with disabilities by engaging, educating, and empowering their peers with advocacy skills. A peer advocate...
Unity Day: Unite Against Bullying
  • Multiple Subjects
  • Pre-K, K-2, 3-5, MS, HS
Make it ORANGE and make it end! What are your true colors when it comes to bullying? If you care about safe and supportive schools and communities...
Introduction to Bullying Prevention
  • Multiple Subjects
  • Pre-K, K-2, 3-5, MS, HS
Looking for a way to introduce bullying prevention and awareness into your classroom, school, or community organization? The Introductory Toolkit...