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If you are looking for global learning resources about African countries, poverty, food and sustainable development, then have a look around our ever-growing Resources at Send a Cow Education. If you're a twitter user, follow @SaCEducation to find out all sorts of resources that are available to help you to teach Geography and other subjects using an African context as your global dimension.

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African plastic bag soccer footballs
You can use these free materials to run your own ‘African Soccer’ tournament with African plastic bag footballs. There are step-by-step instructions...
African Gardens - sustainable school grounds ideas
Grow vegetables . . . African style! Introduce your children to the world of growing plants through the lives of children in African countries. These...
Tip-Tap handwashers - recycling - water topic
  • Social Studies
  • K-2, 3-5, MS, HS
This easy to make African tap for a school garden is a fun, practical challenge for pupils. They can make their own version of this recycled hygiene...
Harvest festival resources - vegetable headbands!
  • Health
  • K-2, 3-5
These fruit & veg headbands are for children to add textiles to and then wear on the day that you celebrate Harvest. Pupils can dress up in the...
Sustainable project - African Keyhole garden
Keyhole Gardens are a great addition to any school grounds and there is a huge amount of scope for using them in teaching, especially around...
Food groups, healthy eating and harvest in Africa
These two lessons fulfill the curriculum requirement to teach about food groups through the story of a four year old boy from Lesotho called Mpho...
African Walk on Wednesday - Walk to School
This Walk on Wednesday, why not do something different to motivate your pupils and help them be healthy and learn about Africa while they walk? You'...
Uganda country information sheets
  • Social Studies
  • K-2, 3-5, MS
These sheets give a brief overview of Uganda, with information on the geography, culture and issues in the country. They are useful if you are...
African games and soccer
A fun resource to show how children play games and sport in Africa. Children across Africa play soccer, but they also play all sorts of other games...
African children's games - Olympic games ideas
Many of the games that children play in East Africa are about things in their everyday lives: food, family and homemaking. These fun games are from a...