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Everyone has been inspired by a mentor and teacher that spoke to their heart and transformed their life. Modern mythology itself often celebrates the sacred relationship between mentor and protege.

In Star Wars, for example, you cannot learn how to use the Force without the training of a good teacher. In our world, the Force can only be awoken within us once we have had the help of a mentor.

#TeachMeYouDid  is a culture-bending, love-wielding, awesomeness-amplifying campaign that lifts up stories of amazing mentors and teachers who have unlocked our potential. #TeachMeYouDid  fuses the power of Star Wars Day on May the Fourth (for “May the Force”) with Teacher Appreciation Week to build positive energy and momentum.

This is an invitation for everyone (whether or not they are fans of Star Wars) to tell the story about a teacher or mentor in their lives who woke the Force up in them.

It’s that simple.

How do I participate?

1. Simply tell a story about a mentor/teacher in your life who has woken up the Force within you. Tag your story with #TeachMeYouDid to Facebook or any other social media (and feel free to use video and Snapchat, the Storycorps app, etc).

2. Tune into giant #TeachMeYouDid celebrations on live webcast and throughout the world on Star Wars Day: May the Fourth.

3. Use our one-of-a-kind, specially designed activities in your classrooms, clubs, and organizations! Contact us for more details.

Who we are

The US Rebel Alliance is a project of Imagine Better, an organization that comes at the intersection of pop culture, justice, and imagination. The US Rebel Alliance has a reputation for sweet Jedi Master moves against the Empire of Big Money in Politics, and is engaged in the worldwide fight against political and systemic Sith Lords. With #TeachMeYouDid, we’re highlighting our original Jedi teachers, the amazing people who first taught us that our voice was important and worthy even while the Empire sought to silence us. Although our US primary season is increasingly hateful, we can take time for love and gratitude for those mentors (both in our lives and our fiction) who have woken up the Force within us. And in turn, we wake the Force up within our world.

Our Campaign Director is Andrew Slack, a founder of the Harry Potter Alliance, Civic Imagination Fellow at Civic Hall, and all-around nerd. Find us at http://teachmeyoudid.org/

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Notecard Activity for Jedis
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This is a fantastic activity while students are settling into a class – short and thoughtful. It focuses on the two-way nature of mentorship; just as...
Dear Yoda: Letter-Writing to Inspirational Mentors
This 10-15 minute activity involves students writing a personal letter to their mentor or teacher. The activity itself is fun and inspirational, but...
Mapping the #TeachMeYouDid Galaxy
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An essential part of understanding the universe is mapping it out. We can similarly map out the traits of our mentors! This way, we can awaken the...
Make a Mini-Book of Jedi Mentors
In this activity, students will make an 8-page booklet out of a single piece of paper (MAGIC!). Then, they will fill the booklet with a story about...