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What So Proudly We Hail is an online educational project that provides free resources and lesson plans aimed at language arts and Social Studies teachers to combine fiction and nonfiction texts to teach civic education.

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The Meaning of Veterans Day
Contains selected resources from The Meaning of Veterans Day, an educational e-book edited by Amy and Leon Kass. The e-book is part of series from...
National Identity in Literature: Edward Hale
Common Core
Why do people need national identity and attachment? Explore the meaning and significance of national identity in general and American identity in...
Enterprise and Commerce in Literature: Mark Twain
Is the commercial spirit good for civic virtue? Consider the status of virtue in a democratic society devoted to gain and self-interest by reading...
Freedom and Individuality: Jack London
Common Core
What should we think of self-reliant, enterprising, risk-taking individuals? Reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of American individualism and...
Equality: “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Common Core
What kind of equality should we care about? Examine the difference between equality of outcome and equality of opportunity by reading the short story...
Self-Command: Ben Franklin's "Moral Perfection"
Common Core
What personal virtues are necessary for a self-governing people? Consider the virtues of self-command and self-respect by reading "The Project for...
Courage and Self-Sacrifice: Michael Shaara
Standards aligned
Why do ordinary citizens risk their lives for their country? Explore the virtue of courage and how it can be cultivated, especially among self-...
Compassion Toward Neighbors: Herman Melville
Common Core
What do we owe our neighbors and fellow citizens? Reflect on the need for the virtue of compassion and civic attitudes toward our neighbors by...
The Meaning of Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Contains selected resources from The Meaning of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a educational e-book edited by Amy and Leon Kass. The e-book is part of...
Freedom and Religion: Nathaniel Hawthorne
What kind of religious beliefs and practices support civic freedom and virtue? Compare two guiding ideas of the American republic—the pursuit of...