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10th Grade Lesson Plans: Rights, Respect, Responsibiity, Finding Accurate Information


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About This Lesson


Lesson 1: Rights, Respect, Responsibility

This lesson uses two video clips to examine the issue of consent including one with a Consent Bot that examines how consent should and should not look in different situations. 

Lesson 2: Know Your Options

This lesson has students brainstorm all of the factors that might contribute to a teen’s use of contraception and then, in small groups, use a hypothetical teen and enter in their personal information to a website that will recommend the most effective forms of contraception based on their lifestyle.

Lesson 3: We All Have Rights

This lesson begins with a quiz to assess students’ understanding of youth sexual health rights and then continues with an in-depth scenario about a youth who becomes pregnancy unintentionally. 

Lesson 4: Let Me Tell you

In this lesson students reflect on their own communication style through an activity looking at bringing up difficult subjects or not. Then students create role-plays that involve communicating about STDs when couples are involved romantically. 

Lesson 5: Using Technology Respectfully and Responsibly (with PPT)

This lesson reviews information about sexting and laws across the US.

Lesson 6: Our Space, Safe Space (with PPT)

This lesson explains what lobbying is and has students prepare to lobby their principal for a new school mascot in teams. Students use the information about an effective lobbying campaign to create a sample request of their principal to improve the school climate for students who are LGBTQ.

Lesson 7: Trust It or Trash It? Finding Accurate Sex Ed Info (with PPT)

This lesson helps students understand criteria by which a website would be considered accurate and reliable.


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