11/12 Dance Long Term Planning - New Spec 2009>

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11/12 Dance Long Term Planning - New Spec 2009>

Here are my long term plans with an overview on how to spead out delivery of the 11th Grade and 12th Grade Dance course. You can swap them about depending on when your moderation will be. You can also select different areas of study within the specification - I have chosen American Musicals and Revelations. Hope this helps! I will upload my lesson plans/PowerPoints resources to support this long term plan soon!

Lesson Plan Resources


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July 2016
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January 2016
July 2012
good for handout at the beginning of the year
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May 2010
Hi, this is fantastic - are there any resources you feel could share in run up to exam for revision purposes - i have taken over a maternity post and need all help (or students need all help they can get!) <br/>
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April 2010
This is fantastic! Thank you for putting these on. I too am covering a term of dance so would really appreciate any resources that go with these lessons if at all possible? <br/> <br/>Thank you in advance!!
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April 2010
This will be a great help as i am covering a one term post ! <br/> <br/>Please could you up load the lesson plan and pp please it would be a great help. <br/> <br/>Thanks