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4 Great Reasons to Eat a Healthy Breakfast Every Day

Grade Level Grades 6-7


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Have you ever heard somebody say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” While other meals are also important, it is true that eating a healthy breakfast is something you should do every single day. Keep reading to find out exactly why you never want to skip your morning meal.

1. Breakfast Keeps You From Feeling Hungry

Have you ever been at school or maybe playing with friends, and all of a sudden, all you can think about is how hungry you are? One way to keep from feeling this way is to make sure you start your day off strong by eating a good breakfast. Many people don’t take time to eat in the mornings and that can be a big mistake; it's very hard to wait all the way until lunchtime to get your first meal. To make sure you don't feel hungry each day, talk to your parents and they can help you find good, quick breakfast foods to have on hand so that you'll always have something easy to eat in the morning. On weekends, breakfast is still just as important. To make breakfast even more special, perhaps you can ask an adult in your life to take you out for breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday. To help make sure they take you to a restaurant with healthier options, you may ask “Where can I go to get a really healthy breakfast near me?” If you talk to others about how important it is to eat a healthy breakfast, you can help them make the most out of mornings too!

2. Breakfast Gives You Energy

Have you ever woken up and felt like crawling back under the covers? Though sleeping is definitely necessary to make sure you have enough energy for the day, a good breakfast can also do the trick! Just as cars and trucks need gas in order to go, we need food to have the energy we need for the things we do all day. But we don’t need just any foods, we need food that will give us important nutrients and not give us too much junk. For instance, donuts, and cinnamon rolls may taste good, but they have too much sugar and fat which can be bad for you; these things also don’t give you the energy you need to last until lunch time. Instead of foods with lots of sugar and fat, choose healthy breakfast foods like fruit, eggs, skim milk, whole grain breads and cereals that will fill you up and give you the nutrients you need to have great energy!

3. Breakfast Helps You Focus

Have you ever had a really hard time thinking, or reading or staying focused on something you are told to do? Sometimes when we don’t put enough good food into our bodies, we can have trouble keeping our minds on our work. Luckily, this is another thing that can be helped by having a healthy breakfast! When you begin your day with meals that have healthy things like protein, calcium and vitamins, you are giving your brain and body what they need so you can focus and get things done.

4. Breakfast Helps You Feel Your Best 

Have you ever had a day where you weren’t actually sick, but just didn’t feel good? Do you get headaches and stomachaches, especially when you feel hungry? Once again, a healthy breakfast can help! Not eating well truly affects your whole body and can make you feel terrible. In order to feel your best and avoid missing out on fun activities because of a headache or upset stomach, always make sure to eat a good morning meal.

Breakfast is a very important part of every day. By eating good portions of healthy food each morning, you will give yourself a great start, have plenty of energy, stay focused, and feel your best. So, don’t let your body down, eat a healthy, tasty breakfast from now on!


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