5 Actionable Ways for Mums to Become Better Writers

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For some mums, finding a balance between work and family life is such an internal struggle. Yet, the thought of leaving a career to concentrate on the family may initially be terrifying. On the brighter side, a stay at home mum gets to spend time with the family and be the primary carer and decision maker. While this task may be all-fulfilling for some, there is a need for an escape or to earn some extra cash for others. Some find this in knitting, baking or even writing. For mums that pick writing, keeping up with deadlines and individual schedules while balancing housework is overwhelming. To better your writing skills, below are some actionable steps you can take.

1.Establish your Objective

Before settling down on what to write, find out who your target audience is and what your desired result is. Have an intention for your writing and commit to it so it is clear. Whether you are an academic writer hoping to link scholars with quality essays, an Instagram influencer, inspirational Twitter user or if you chronicle your daily events on Facebook, have a concise message aimed at a specific target for it to have the desired impact.

2.Plan Ahead

Like in any other profession, planning is essential. It not only saves you time but also ensures that you write better and are effective in passing your message along. Once your objective is clear, set a time limit for tackling your writing tasks. Have a schedule on how much you write and when. Set personal deadlines even where you have working timelines set by the editors. Keeping a schedule helps you create consistency while allowing you time to handle your writing and family obligations without pressure.

3.Eliminate Distractions

Interruptions are detrimental to the writing process. Try as much as you can to dedicate time for crafting your work when nothing else demands your attention. This could be when the kids leave for school, early in the morning before starting off with the house chores or after everyone else has retired for the day. Also, remember that writing time is not when you should be checking your social media accounts and emails. These disrupt the process too and deter you from churning out the best pieces.

4.Act on Feedback

Effective writing should elicit genuine feedback. Where this is not forth coming, ask those around you what they think about your writing. From the responses, compile common concerns, errors, and unappealing traits and address them. You can search online for different ways to combat each weak point and implement them over time to ensure you express yourself clearly.

5.Broaden your Perspective

As a writer, you have to expose your mind to different outlooks in life. While being a stay at home mum can be overwhelming, you have to make conscious efforts to better the art of writing. The aim should be to keep abreast with developing trends in your field of interest. You can squeeze in a read during your leisure time and explore success stories in your area of specialization.  

Another way to widen your perspective as a writer is to take a writing course regularly. You can aim at enhancing specific writing techniques or honing your general writing skills. This way you gain knowledge from masters of the craft, get inspiration for your writing and acquire new knowledge too.

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