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6th Grade Lesson Plans: Gender, Boundaries, Romantic Relationship, Consent


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About This Lesson


Lesson 1: Change is Good

This lesson defines the physical, emotional, cognitive and social changes of adolescence and students, in small groups, try to sort the various changes into these four categories.

Lesson 2: Gender Roles, Gender Expectations

This lesson involves students explaining to a hypothetical alien whata “boy” and “girl” is in the US using commonly held stereotypes about gender. The teacher processes that activity specifically probing for why students think these stereotypes exist and how they impact behavior.

Lesson 3: Understanding Boundaries

This lesson starts by defining and then providing examples of personal boundaries.

Lesson 4: Communicating about a Sensitive Topic

This lesson defines assertive, passive and aggressive communication and provides examples of each making connections to communicating about abstaining from sex.

Lesson 5: More Than Friends- Understanding Romantic Relationships

This lesson starts with a case study analyzed in trios which is then compared to a second case study for a second round of analysis.

Lesson 6: Liking and Loving: Now and When I’m Older

This lesson starts by defining affection and having students provide examples of how people can show affection for one another.

Lesson 7: Being a Sex Ed Sleuth (with PPT)

This lesson reviews the strategies for knowing whether a sexual health website is reliable and accurate and in small groups, students review four common online sexual health resources.

Supplemental Lesson: Consent- It Goes with Everything (with PPT)

This lesson teaches the importance of consent.

Supplemental Lesson: Image Overload (with PPT)

Reviewing the impact that media can have on a person’s body image and self esteem, this lesson offers an opportunity to identify the positive and negative impacts and mitigates any harmful messaging that could result. 

Supplemental Lesson: When Should A Person… 

This lesson provides a safe space for students to identify how influences could impact a decision making process and then evaluate their influences for future decisions.


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