7th Grade Spanish Vocabulary Guide

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7th Grade Spanish Vocabulary Guide

This is the booklet we give to all 7th Grade Spanish learners to help support their learning. It has a mixture of grammar and vocabulary. It is in A4 format but we photocopy down to A5 size as a booklet.

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February 2021
This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing this resource!
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May 2018
Wow. Fab resource. Thanks for sharing.
January 2018
This is such an amazing resource. Thank you
July 2017
Fabulous! my only concern is how to introduce it -- either by section, the whole booklet at the beginning, etc..
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July 2016
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January 2016
December 2013
Thank you. A very good resource!
March 2013
This is so very helpful. Thank you for putting in so much time putting this together!
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April 2012
An incredibly useful resource that has taken a lot of work to compile so thanks for uploading!
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January 2012
so useful thank you