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8 Ideas for Teaching about Hispanic Heritage Month


In commemoration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we present this resource to help teachers engage students in thinking broadly and critically about the Hispanic American experience in all of its complexity. In highlighting the significant events as well as people that have made a substantial contribution to the Latino/Hispanic experience, instruction should incorporate history, literature, point of view, politics, first-person experience, the arts, and the struggle for equity.


3 Reviews
Thank you for your feedback.
I think this resource is great, but your feedback is incredibly valuable as well since it helps me to make our collections better. There is a lesson plan specifically on the Bay of Pigs in the High School section of the Hispanic Heritage Collection now, but I would love to have more so please let me know if you have any other resources you would recommend we include. Thank you again for your feedback.
Katie Gould
September 16, 2016
Teaching children about the importance of their culture is vital to our success. Understanding and discernment will equal production. Keep up the good work!!!
September 08, 2016
As a latino and Cuban-born teacher, I find this lesson good and somewhat useful. I would not rate it as excellent due to the fact that it left out a lot of the truth about what really happened in Cuba that led to the usurpation of power by the Castro's in 1959. It does not make any mention of the betrayal of JFK that promised support to the Cuban-American troops during the Bay of Pigs incident and them left them to be captured or die in the hands of the Castro butchers and many, many other important details. It also blatantly ignored the fact that if it wasn't for those "bourgeois Cubans" that came here looking for refuge from the atrocities of the Castro's, the city of Miami and most of South Florida were still nothing more than dairy farms and alligators mud holes. Maybe other nationalities are well represented, I'm not so sure. It would be good to hear from other people's perspective. I guess I was expecting too much from a PBS production knowing their tendencies. These are my two cents, you'll be the judge.
September 07, 2016