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9th Grade Lesson Plans: Sexual Orientation, Behavior, Identity, STDs


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About This Lesson


Lesson 1: They Love Me… They Love Me Not…

This lesson uses a short video showing three different teen relationships and asks students to analyze each couple.

Lesson 2: How Well Do I Communicate with Others

This communication lesson starts with a brief drawing activity completed by students in pairs to assess their own listening and communicating and analyze what strategies are effective or ineffective and why.

Lesson 3: It Wasn’t My Fault

This lesson includes a presentation by rape survivors brought in from a community agency and includes Guides for Teachers in Selecting Guest Speakers as well as advance preparation to connect with the school counselor.

Lesson 4: Sexual Orientation, Behavior & Identity (with PPT)

This lesson introduces the concept of “yellow flag” language (with accompanying Teacher’s Guide) while teasing apart one’s attractions to others, one’s behaviors and one’s self-identity.

Lesson 5: Understanding Gender (with PPT)

The lesson defines gender, biological sex, differences of sexual development, cisgender, transgender and gender identity and then students brainstorm gender scripts for people assigned male at birth and people assigned female at birth.

Lesson 6: Decisions, Decisions

This lesson has students engage in an activity to practice making deci-sions in rapid succession and then reflect on the factors that impacted their choices. 

Lesson 7: Sexual Decision Making

This lesson was adapted and reprinted with permission from the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Our Whole Lives Grades 7-9 curriculum and has students reflect on a handout looking at their readiness to be sexually intimate with another person as a starting activity. 

Lesson 8: Planning and Protection- Avoiding and Managing STDs

This lesson uses a classic “don’t pass it along” STD game with pre-marked index cards and three paired discussions to mimic transmission of infections.

Lesson 9: What If…

This lesson starts with a short video about unintended pregnancy and looks at specifics around pregnancy testing.

Lesson 10: STD Smarts (with PPT)

This lesson uses the popular game, Jeopardy, to review key sexual health content related to STDs including testing, symptoms, risk behaviors and accessing treatment.

Lesson 11: Creating Condom Confidence

This lesson has students review the steps to using condoms correctly by the teacher modeling how to use condoms correctly. Then students practice placing a condom on a penis model or banana in pairs using an 11-step process and rating each other about ability to use each step and in the correct order. 


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