Adaptable Necks (Grades 1-4; Life sciences: classification, habitats, anatomy, adaptations)

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All mammals (with two exceptions) have backbones with 7 neck vertebrae. However, necks serve different functions in giraffes vs. humans, mice vs. whales, etc. This activity explores the similarities and differences in the structure and function of different mammals' vertebrae and helps students understand how organisms' bodies are adapted to their particular environments and lifestyles. This is a companion activity for If My Mom Were A Platypus: Mammal Babies and their Mothers. The title is available at a discounted price for Title 1 schools on the First Book Marketplace. This book explores how 14 different mammal babies navigate the path from helpless infants to self-sufficient adults, and comes with a free downloadable Teacher’s Guide filled with activities just like this one.

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