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AFT 100th Anniversary Videos - Part 1

AFT 100th Anniversary Videos - Part 1


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AFT 100th Anniversary Videos - Part 1

1. Margaret Haley: Matriarch of Teacher Unionism

  • In turn of the century, overcrowded Chicago classrooms, Margaret Haley and her 5,000 women elementary teachers blaze a path to gain fair pay, better classrooms, and a voice in their professions.

2. Backlash: Fighting Anti-Union Efforts

  • From Yellow-dog Contracts which forbade teachers from joining a union, to modern corporate education reform which seeks to weaken teacher voice, AFT has continually had to fight to give our members a voice in their workplace.

3. AFT Leads on Desegregation

  • In addition to being one of the first education organizations pushing for desegregation of schools, AFT sacrificed much needed revenue by forcing out their own segregated locals.

4. Teacher Power: Gaining Collective Bargaining for Teachers

  • With school administrators ignoring the needs of teachers, New York City teachers risk their livelihoods to gain a voice at the bargaining table.


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