Aid for learning key words

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Aid for learning key words

I've started a weekly vocab test to try & build up my class's vocabulary. I made a set of lists of about 10 words & I give them one to learn each week. They also choose a vocab topic from the list I gave them & go online to revize key words. They keep a record of the topic & the words they found out; what they did to learn the vocab & why this worked well/didn't work. It seems to be helping! I'll have forgotten something obvious in the lists; but feel free to add to them.

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July 2016
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January 2016
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March 2012
Many thanks. I was going to try to make something similar, but this is far better than what I would have produced. It will help many of my students - THANK-YOU
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January 2012
What an astonishing amount of work and time you've taken over this! Thank you very much for letting others access your resources!