Akbar the Great Indian Ruler

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Akbar was the Muslim emperor of India, during the Mughal period. He was the third king during the Mughal period. He is the son of Humayan, the earlier king. Akbar was crowned the ruler at the age of 13 after his father died suddenly by falling from the staircase of his library. Until the age of 18 years, Akbar was helped by his regent Bairam Khan in his administration and management of the empire. After dismissing Bairam Khan, Akbar became the absolute and sovereign ruler of his empire. During his reign, he captured many places in India and established a sprawling kingdom through military conquests. But he was also known for his policy of religious tolerance and had introduced many social and educational reforms to control and manage the affairs of the empire. He also gave support and admiration for art, architecture, literature, etc. although he was illiterate.Thus, he was known as a Great Indian Ruler.

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