All about France true or false starter

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All about France true or false starter

This is a timed PowerPoint presentation featuring basic geographical information about France. It’s best suited as a starter activity that can be used with higher grades; either to introduce the basic geography of France or to review a previous session. S

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July 2016
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January 2016
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December 2010
Fabulous quiz, thanks - does anyone have the answers?
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
April 2010
You'll see that the first person who criticised it has in fact uploaded zero resources, and the second has uploaded just one - a scanned photo which probably took all of 30 seconds to find. I still cannot believe they would feel entitled to criticise this
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June 2008
Thanks very much - HUGE amount of prep avoided. Would like to use with my club with the children working in teams.
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May 2008
Very useful, thank you! one can really adapt and play around with it. Thanks for your sharing.
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April 2008
Cannot believe how rude some people are. Very useful and cross-curricular as well. Thank you.
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March 2008
It is really helpful to have something like this to get lessons going or use as a starting point to tweak for our own needs. Thank you