All About Me Teacher Guide

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This teacher guide contains 20 lessons on body parts and the five sense. Aligned to: LP5d, LP6,LP5a, LP5b, LP5c, LP1, LP1a, LP1b, LP1d, LP3, SLP3, SLP4, SLP5, SLP6, SLP1, SLP1a, SLP1b, SLP1c, SLP2, WP2, WP5,RFP2, RFP2a, RFP3, RFP3b, RFP1b, RFP1d, RIP7, PIP10,RIP2, RIP4, RIP5,RIP5, RIP6,RIP1, RLP10
This work is based on an original work of the Core Knowledge® Foundation made available through
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