"America to Me": Real Talk on Race, Identity, and Education

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Do you have a strategic vision for equity in your school? Have you heard of and/or watched the docuseries America to Me
Participant Media’s America to Me team would like to invite you to a “Real Talk” about racial equity in our schools.

The groundbreaking series, ‘America to Me’ from Oscar®-nominee Steve James (“Hoop Dreams”) deals with issues of race, equity, culture and privilege within a well-resourced, racially integrated public high school (Oak Park River Forest HS), seen through the eyes of students, teachers, administrators, and families.
We will use clips from America to Me to ignite conversations that identify structural inequities in the docuseries, and in your school! 

This is a not-to-be missed opportunity to discuss these complex and crucial issues with your peers.

Participant Media’s America to Me: Real Talk campaign is happy to announce that FREE access to stream America to Me is now available for educators through the end of the year on Film Platform. Use the code: AFT2019 to sign up here: https://www.filmplatform.net/america-to-me-registration/ 

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