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Anne Frank Novel Hyperdocs Template


This Anne Frank Novel Hyperdocs Template was created by Kevin Feramisco and Heather Marshall. The designs are incredible. The lessons using this model lend themselves to working at home during social isolation. I can see parents using these as enrichment. It would be a beautiful bonding experience. The topics are very heavy, but the resources are some of the best I have seen. I would take additional time with the various outstanding historical and cultural links and work them into the unit. The unit was aiming at an eight to ninth grade audience. I have found that many of my juniors are onboard before I can get the words out. They are already researching and connecting. I think the US and world history pieces are so important to the understanding of the event from a wider lens. It is a must to really explore the role of bias, prejudices, stereotyping, bigotry and hate. I  would extend this lesson with more perspective of the events to gain a closer to 360 degree view of the events and their impact. I share how the young GI's reacted as liberators, how Eisenhower reacted to his first encounter of the camps, how the general population around the world viewed.... It has always been a deeply life changing event for my students to read the words of these other perspectives. I think that it is important to bring in the survivors testimonies. I have seen it change the hearts and actions of last chance at risk students involved in gang violence. He figured out the connections from being given the text and opportunity to engage and respond to it.

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