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Antisemitism Today

Grade Level Grades 9-12, Higher Education, Adult Education
Resource Type Lesson Plan


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This lesson explores the continued existence of antisemitism today and its rise since 2013. Four different incidents of antisemitic violence in the United States will be explored. An analysis of hate crimes in the United States is also included in the lesson. Finally, students will explore white supremacy and its connection to antisemitism and write an essay regarding combating antisemitism. Please be aware that there are many graphic scenes of violence depicted. This lesson can be used WITH the film Schindler's List or can easily be used without the film. If using in this way, simply advise students to skip the small number of questions on handouts that pertain to the film. 



Schindler's List Standalone Lesson 8 FINAL.pdf

Lesson Plan
November 29, 2023
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