Athens and Sparta Day 1 (of 3)

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This lesson is a series of short independent activities paired with cooperative work with a small group or partner. At the close of the lesson, students will have a grasp of the basic differences in the culture of Athens and Sparta that grew as a result of the differences and similarities between the city-states by analyzing four different documents: two primary and two secondary sources. These sources will allow for students to develop an idea for the general values of each city-state. Students will begin by reviewing the culture and geography of Greece.

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August 2016
it is 1 star i cant even finnd the fucken lesson
December 2016
Try opening the PPT file!
January 2016
Thank you so much! your lesson meets the needs of my students especially those who are English learners. The activities themselves will ensure a higher level of learning. Will be trying out very soon. Again thank you for all your hard work. I am excited about the outcomes and the learning engagement that my students be enjoying.
August 2015
This is a great lesson!
March 2014
Very good lesson, activities and collaborative work for students.