Autograph Video 21 - Angles in the Same Segment

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Autograph Video 21 - Angles in the Same Segment

The 21st in Mr Barton's Autograph Video tutorial series. This week we look at our third Circle Theorem - the classic Angles in the Same Segment Theorem. There is also a quick demonstration of how to set up a nice looking label for points, and a twist that you might want to try on your students. Below the video you will find an option to download it and play it on a larger screen, or by clicking on the web-link you can see all the videos in this series.

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This is another excellent video which explains the angles in the same segment theorem, it first shows you how to construct the theorem and then manipulates the angles to show how the theorem works. Whether you show this tutorial to the students, or use the techniques to get the students to do this for themselves, this would really help to develop understanding of the circle theorems. Thank you for sharing.