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Be like JFK: Using Current Events Everyday


From a working parent, at home with 3 kids:

"My homeschool tip of the day...Current events--Use this fabulous new student site, Bites Media, assign an article, and say you will discuss at dinner. This is what JFK's father did with all his kids (just not online). Today one has 'Addictive Technology' and I asked him to make a case from the article -is Mom addicted? The other has 'Why women are paid less in sports' and we will discuss why tonight. Articles cover lots of topics and give pros and con viewpoints with videos, charts, and questions (approximate time 20 min.). You could let them choose an article to see where their interest is too."

This tip is easy to use, easy to remember and applies to all 170+ Bites articles! Bites has articles specific to learning about COVID-19.

Bites Media is proven to increase student engagement by at least 3x when compared to traditional news articles. 

All Bites articles are written in bullet point notation and include infographics, videos, and text-to-speech. 

With a subscription (1 month free!), teachers can:

  • Assign articles to students
  • View real-time student reading completion
  • Grade student comprehension (5-question quiz at the end of every article)
  • View student engagement data (time spent within each multimedia block)

Contact [email protected] with any questions!



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