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Beaker Babies

Subject ScienceBiology
Grade Level Grades 9-12
Resource Type Presentation


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<p>Parter up your pupis and get them to create their ‘child’. Fun for you! Practice at genetic diagrams for your students. You will have to make a template for the chromosomes; I use pink paper for girls and blue paper for boys.They write in the code for their characteristics in the chromosome and cut it up and place it in a beaker; then they pick randomly the characteristics inherited from each person to build their child.</p>


3 Reviews
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SML Member
July 04, 2016
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SML Member
January 30, 2016
This is fab! Many thanks for sharing
SML Member
February 03, 2011
worked really well with a high ability group (even with 28 in the group and only 5 girls). Simplified it slightly and got them to cut the 'gametes' out of the main sheet for the chromosomes. All related this to meiosis and variation in offspring. Thank
SML Member
December 01, 2010
Great idea for genetics
LIke the idea. WIll give it a go.
SML Member
September 04, 2009

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