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Brave Girl Rising: The Refugee Crisis and Human Responsibility
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Brave Girl Rising: The Refugee Crisis and Human Responsibility


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About This Lesson

This Brave Girl Rising lesson was created in partnership with Girl Rising, a non-profit organization that uses stories to change the way the world values girls.

Global migration is one of today’s defining issues. A “current event” that sometimes appears in headlines, migration is also an ongoing phenomenon that is inextricably linked to other news of the day, including war, natural disasters, and climate change. According to the UN’s World Migration Report, there are more than 244 million migrants around the world. More than 68 million of them were forcibly displaced from their homes.

Use these resources to discuss the film, Brave Girl Rising, and the issue of the global refugee crisis.

Included are:

  • 50-minute lesson plan on the refugee crisis and human responsibility
  • Current events resources, including student handouts and refugee fact sheet
  • A video on the global refugee crisis
  • A link to watch the film, Brave Girl Rising

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