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Build a Scale Model of a Shipping Container Home

Grade Level Grades 6-8
Resource Type Activity, Handout, Lesson Plan


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Students are introduced to shipping container home construction and design their own 3D scale model of a shipping container home made from cut-out paper templates. Students can use their models to practice basic calculations of ratio, volume, and surface area as they estimate the amount of flooring and paint needed to complete their design. In this adaptable design and budgeting process, students create a unique building, solve multi-step problems, write their own expressions for project costs, determine and apply the scale factor of their model, and calculate surface area.


2 Reviews
answer key, please. I'm not too sure which one of my students is correct, and going through it all is a hassle
Udb Low
February 04, 2019
On question #1 on page 3, what did you calculate as your scale factor? I feel that I'm doing something wrong, and there is no answer key! Help!
October 07, 2015