Building Parent Teacher Partnerships

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This resource provides strategies and ideas for effectively communicating with parents, building parent-teacher partnerships, and conducting successful parent-teacher conferences. It will allow you to share relevant information about a student and get parents involved with their child’s process of learning and understanding. WWP_LP

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September 2018
August 2018
Very useful & informative. Thank you so much TEAM! Keep up the awesome work!
July 2017
Thanks for sharing the article it is very informative and helpful.
October 2016
Wonderful article for new comer and seasoned teachers. Thank you.
September 2016
Great information presented in a succinct way.
April 2013
This is very helpful and well constructed information that all teachers can use when planning communication with parents. Great tips and ideas for building strong lasting relationships with your students' parents.
January 2013
I rate this Site a '5'. It had so much informative and helpful information. I could hardly leave the site. I spent hours soaking in all the necessary info to have a successful program.