Carbon Crunch

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A lesson from our online resource World Population History, this lesson focuses on carbon emissions and climate change. In addition to changing the Earth’s landscape, humans have also changed our planet’s atmosphere. Using the interactive Timeline featured on the website, students work in small groups to determine the main environmental concerns during different periods of history. They then analyze carbon use changes over time (using the Carbon Emissions overlay on the Population Map) and compare countries in terms of amount of carbon emitted and vulnerability to climate change related risks. Finally, they read about and evaluate a proposal to have a “carbon budget” for the Earth and the possible consequences for different nations. Find more lessons like this at

This lesson plan includes: 

  • Lesson plan
  • Student Worksheet
  • Student Reading
  • Country Cards
  • Chart 1
  • Chart 2

Subjects: Environmental Science (General and AP), World History (General and AP), World Geography, AP Human Geography

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Advanced Placement (AP)
International Baccalaureate (IB)