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Carol Gray Social Stories related to COVID-19 topics

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Carol Gray pioneered Social Stories and their use in the lives of people with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Carol Gray began her journey as a special educator teaching 4 students with Autism in 1976 in a generalized public school setting. Social Stories were an evolving process that can about as she taught and learned with her students. I urge you to explore her books and online publications. If you ever have the opportunity to see her present I would recommend you to attend. In this time of great need she has share her publications and has reached out professionally to gain other experts to provide help to our kids with ASD. She has made those resources available to everyone on the web link entitled Carol's Club Email Archive.

Social Stories are also helpful for students that share needs typically ascribed to ASD. I have used social stories students with memory and anxiety disorders. In addition, I have created a more personalized version for specific students to help provided the words to use in specific situations. Remember to used the story in many situations and repeated readings are the best.Carol has written wonderful books on creating social stories. The comparison chart gives guidelines for creating Social Stories.

Social Stories can be used to teach anything. The power of a social story is often witnessed when an individual that struggled for years to understand a social concept with little improvement. A short well-written Social Story about shopping can change the lives of the student, their family, their teachers and their community in several weeks or less. It is important to success to have parent and school working together to help accurately create a great social story that will work for the student in all environments. It has been valuable to my students and their families to have printed copies of the social stories. In addition, comprehension questions and talks are very important as is frequent exposures to the stories. 

Carol has graciously provided several social stories about  COVID-19 and related topics for students with special needs. The stories are editable. She has provided permission for re-posting and reprinting the stories.  Carol has provided the copyright permission letter so that the stories can be used, as she was not able to make the stories available to all members and nonmembers on her Carol Club subscription as she wished.

In Carol words,"No worries if you have already shared a file that did not contain the author and permission to re-print.  No need to re-send unless you would like to.  I'd rather have you spend the time washing your hands."

This resource is valuable to both parents and teachers. 



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