Characters Respond to Challenges

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Students will be able to determine how characters from fairy tales respond to certain challenges in order to understand the story better. A challenge is a problem and a response is what  a character does or says because of the challenge. First, students will watch a short clip from The Wizard of Oz and along with the teacher will determine a challenge and a character's response to the challenge. Then the teacher will show the class  a short power point lesson on this. In order to determine the challenge the students will ask themselves, "What is the problem?"  In order to determine the character's response to the challenge, the students must ask themselves, "What did a character do or say because of the problem?" After the class watches the video from the Wizard of Oz - Dorothy in the Witch's Castle, and discusses the challenges and a character's response to the challenges, the teacher will model filling out a graphic organizer on power point on this. Then the students will work in partnerships or independently on a text from Alice In Wonderland in which they will also determine the challenge and a character's response to a challenge and then they will fill out a graphic organizer on this.  There will be 2 different texts in order to differentiate. At the end of the lesson the class will share one challenge and one response from each text.