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Choice Boards - Writing, Spelling, Reading, Vocabulary, and Social Studies

Grade Level Grades 3-8


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Choice boards are filled with tasks and allow students to choose different ways to learn about a particular subject or topic.

This resource includes 5 different choice boards. Each choice board is developed around a category. You’ll find a choice board for creative writing, spelling, reading, vocabulary, and even social studies. The tasks on the choice boards encourage creativity and innovative thinking. They also tap into different learning styles and naturally provide differentiation for students. Encourage students to creatively demonstrate and stretch their learning as they complete the fun tasks.

Choice Boards...

  • Provide students with opportunities to choose how they learn
  • Encourage independent learning
  • Tap into various learning styles
  • Instantly differentiate instruction
  • Promote student engagement
  • Stimulate active learning

Ways to Use Choice Boards in the Classroom:

  • Encourage fast finishers to complete choice board tasks.
  • Have students choose a task for homework.
  • Use for a unit review. Have students choose and complete a set number of tasks.
  • Have students choose a task to complete with a substitute teacher.
  • Set up choice board learning stations.

This FREE set of Choice Boards includes:

  • Teacher Overview
  • Choice Board – Creative Writing Challenges
  • Choice Board – Spelling Challenges
  • Choice Board – Reading Challenges
  • Choice Board – Vocabulary Challenges
  • Choice Board – Social Studies Challenges
  • Bonus! 3 Free This or That Writing Prompts


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