Choosing to Make a Nation Curriculum: Creating the Constitution

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The Choosing to Make a Nation Curriculum Project developed by award-winning author Ray Raphael is a student-centered, primary source-rich approach to teaching about American history and our nation‘s founding documents. The lesson plans in this curriculum are premised on the idea that history is the chronicle of choices made by actors/agents/protagonists in specific contexts. Students understand choices – they make them all the time. These lessons involve students by placing them in the shoes of historical people and asking: “What might you do in such instances?” 

Lessons in our Constitutional Convention unit include

(1) Reform or Revolution?

(2) Composition of Congress

(3) Creating an Executive Branch

(4) Should Judges Judge Laws?

(5) Balance of Powers

(6) Slavery and the Constitution 

(7) Amendments and Ratification

(8) To Sign or Not to Sign?

Lesson Plan
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Advanced Placement (AP)