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CKSci Grade 4 Unit 2: Investigating Waves

CKSci Grade 4 Unit 2: Investigating Waves


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About This Lesson

This unit engages students with waves and observable evidence that energy moves from one place to another. Waves produced in one place move to another and can cause a change. Students investigate some of the more common forms of waves around them: water waves, sound waves, and light waves.

Students also learn that engineers use their knowledge of waves as they develop solutions to transfer information. Engineering designers employ codes and signals to employ waves for the betterment of society.

Number of Lessons: 14

Instruction Time:

  • Each Lesson is designed to be completed in one 30–45-minute class period. Some lessons may take more than one class period.
  • Some single-day activities and performance tasks might require setting aside a longer block of time.
  • This Unit should be completed in 20 classroom days.
  • A Pacing Guide is provided within the Teacher Guide.
  • A complete list of Materials needed to complete the unit is provided in Online Resources.



G4U2Investigating Waves Reader.pdf

February 21, 2024
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G4_U2_Investigating Waves_TG.pdf

Lesson Plan
February 21, 2024
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