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CKSci Grade 4 Unit 5: Using Natural Resources for Energy

CKSci Grade 4 Unit 5: Using Natural Resources for Energy


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About This Lesson

This is a Problem-Based Learning unit in which students build up to a capstone lesson and a presentation to the public.

In this unit, students focus on renewable and nonrenewable resources. They study how people use resources for energy. In addition, they examine the engineering design behind new technologies that protect the environment.

The energy we use is derived ultimately from Earth’s natural resources, which can be classified as either nonrenewable or renewable.

Renewable energy sources include wind, hydroelectric, solar, geothermal, and tidal.

Nonrenewable energy sources include fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

Students learn examples of how unwise use of resources can damage the air, land, and water around us. Then they examine how, on the individual level, they can do many things to protect the environment while using energy society needs.

Number of Lessons: 17

Instruction Time:

  • Because this unitis not designed to support any specific NGSS Performance Expectation, the instructional episodes are not grouped into multipart lessons. As such, they are identified simply as lessons instead of lesson segments.
  • Each Lesson is designed to be completed in one 30–45-minute class period.
  • Some single-day activities and performance tasks might require setting aside a longer block of time.
  • This Unit should be completed in about 30 classroom days.
  • A Pacing Guide Template is usually provided within the Teacher Guide so teachers can map out customized instructional days for this unit.
  • A complete list of Materials needed to complete the unit is provided in Online Resources.




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