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Click Clack Moo Cows That Type Complete Unit especially during social isolation period


Click Clack Moo Cows That Type Book, Readers theater and Play unit plan and guide.

To start the lesson, I would first introduce the book, Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type. Read the book aloud.

This link below is for the read aloud online.

Select and modify the activities from the packet. I might just do 1 or 2 before I introduced the Readers Theater version of Click Clack Moo.

Continue with the activities and modifications as you see best meets you , students or children.

I have included the teachers guided for the live professional theater version. I was not able to locate a full video version of the live performance. I would urge you to show the short trailers. It is a powerful experience to see a live performance. Video taped live performance are not the same.  It does require a bit of translation for kid even high school students have trouble especially if they have never seen a play.

I love the various activities and urge you to really embrace and enjoy the experience with your students or your children. When working with children drama is a powerful vehicle to bring growth. I have always had the kids work with a gathering a costume and prop as I find it helps to set the mood and improves the depth of understanding of the text. For families it can be so delightful to put on the next production. Read more than one part of need, but try to do the readers theater!! It is a wonderful book. It just is lurking on the side line for a wonderful next case event. 

This unit is wonderful as it allows for multiple exposure to the text. Send me pictures if you do the play. There is a musical version of the play that has been on tour. Here is one of the links:


P.S. Just now 40 minutes of the stage production  of Click Clack Moo by The Bay City Children's Theatre was uploaded as they too are in social isolation and so the lights are off. I only watched a few minutes but so funny for an adult too.

The link:



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April 30, 2020
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April 29, 2020
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Click Clack Moo Cows that Type
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