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Cloud Poetry

Subject English Language Arts — Writing
Grade Level Kindergarten, Grades 1-5
Resource Type Presentation


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Take students outside to observe clouds and write some of their observations - not just what they saw; but describing the shapes e.g. a scary dog; a fluffy cat; a big car etc. This PowerPoint is an additional resource and is good for children that struggle as some photos are really clear and obvious. If you have an interactive whiteboard you can draw over the pictures to make the clouds into the shapes that the children can see. Students then write a whole class poetry book "I saw in the clouds..."Could also be used as an extension in a science weather unit/lesson.


5 Reviews
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SML Member
July 04, 2016
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SML Member
January 30, 2016
Thank you - very usefuul
Thank you - lovely resources
SML Member
November 09, 2009
Many thanks a great resource
Many thanks a great resource
SML Member
June 09, 2009
Great Idea
This is a lovely idea and a great resource. Thanks for the help!
SML Member
March 02, 2009

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