Cluedo style team game.

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Cluedo style team game.

I hand this out to the students explaining that the head has been killed; they have to find who; where and how it happened. (Change the names; rooms etc to suit your school). To start with you may need to recap the way Cluedo works ie; eliminate possible suspects; rooms and weapons one at a time. For each activity they get a clue - 1 person/room/weapon to take off their lists. The examples here only get you so far. I use extra Christmas activities like wordsearches; sudoku and so on to get the rest of the ‘clues’; which they earn once each task is completed.

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July 2016
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January 2016
August 2013
I don't feel like the directions here are very clear. It would be nice to have a complete game with keys, etc. I love the idea but I'm not sure about the execution.
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February 2012
It would be use full in the description to point out that this is for French lessons. I had a similar idea myself, and assuming it was a brilliant idea, another teacher must have thought about it. Unfortunately, I don't speak French, so all I got was a few refineries on format. Looks good tor french though, so I didn't want to rate the lesson low when my issue was with the description.
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December 2011
I've had to spend some time changing the activities and adapting to different classes levels, but I've been doing this activity for a couple of years and every kid loves it!! It also means that I have to do nothing during the lesson...