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Cold War Stations Activity
4.7 (6 Reviews)

Cold War Stations Activity


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Grade Level Grades 9-12
Resource Type Activity

About This Lesson

This lesson includes seven stations, each of which has either cartoons, documents, or photographs for students to process. I printed it out for seven different stations.




Cold War Stations.ppt

February 10, 2020
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Cold War Stations Student Handout.doc

February 10, 2020
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6 Reviews
We completed this activity the last few days before the end of the school year. It was a great way to continue with content when the students are anxious to be done.
Kim Mackin
May 14, 2021
I love this lesson. We did find that a map is missing from the Marshall Plan station and there is no video that is referenced in the Cuban Missile Crisis station.
May 04, 2021
This lesson was amazing! I actually used it for my 11th grade on level US History students and while it was challenging for them, I really think that they seemed to get a lot out of it. The stations were very well designed- great scenarios, questions, photos, etc. We just started the Cold War and I definitely thought that this was a great introduction to the Cold War. Thank you so much for creating such a great student based, interactive Cold War learning experience! :)
January 17, 2020
This is great. I am using it for my students while working on my MAT as we cover the beginning of the Cold War!
Joshua Adee
March 21, 2019
This is great! Thank you for your resources ! :)
Patrisia Saenz
March 10, 2019